The Fourth of July Committee is planning the 55th Annual Old Fashioned 4'th of July. We will do so according to what is allowed by the Federal, State and Local government.

Since July 4 2021 is on a Sunday, we are planning festivities on both Saturday and Sunday, July 3 and 4th, 2021. As in years past, everything in changable.

This is what I can say at this time.

Saturday July 3 - Bike Race, 10K and 5K, Patriotic Program, Fishing

Donate to the Brockway Old Fashioned Fourth of July


Sunday July 4, 2021 - Lego Contest, Parade at 6 PM, Fireworks

Both Days: Entertainment, Art Show, Craft Show, Concessions, Car Show, Quilt Show, ATA Trolley

Football, June 25, 2021 at Varischetti Field

Vespers Sunday June 27

Fireworks 2021Saturday July 4, 2020 Fireworks

Since July 4th is a Sunday, we will are currently planning on festivitis Saturday and Sunday, July 3, & 4 2021. Brockway Old Fashioned 4th of July Facebook page.
The committee's next meeting Monday at the Brockway Ambulance Training Center at 7 pm April 26th, 2021.

Donations may be sent to:
Brockway Old Fashioned Fourth of July, Inc.
PO Box 252
Brockway, Pa. 15824

Please come back to this page for updates.

Display of this historical flag can be flown all summer or continue as a tradition as we gear up for the 55th Annual Celebration in 2021. BetsyRoss Flag

Thank you for your SUPPORT for our Brockway 4th of July Celebrations.

Some excellent photos and videos can be viewed of Facebook. John Puhula's page at Jonnsea Photo & Video. John also has July 4 pictures of Facebook's Hometown Brockway