Brockway Old Fashioned Fourth of July


Food Concessions

Ice Cream

Brockway Kaimann’s Club

  • Chicken BBQ Dinners

Brockway Little League Concession Stand

  • To be announced

Brockway Volunteer Fire Dept.

(On Main St. & 7th Avenue)
  • Fresh Donuts

Brockway Rec. Board

(Pool Concession)
  • Popcorn, Ice Cream, Soft Drinks and Water

BSA Troop 27 Of DuBois

  • French Fries, Hot Dogs, Nachos, Lemonade, Chicken Fingers

BSA Troop 40 Of Brockway

  • Hot Sausage Sandwiches, Meatball Hoagies, Nachos and Cheese, Walking Tacos, Ice Cream, Soft Drinks and Water

Class Of 1990 Care Fund Of DuBois, PA

  • Funnel Cakes, Fried Dough, Deep Fried Oreos, Candy Apples, Caramel Apples, Shaved Ice, Lemonade.
  • Chicken Tenders (afternoon) Additional Food on Website

First United Presbyterian Church Of DuBois

  • Kettle Korn, Homemade Fudge, Strawberry Shortcake, Chocolate Covered Strawberries, Smoothies, Sundaes, Pop, Lemonade and Water

Our Volunteers

The following are our volunteers for the 2023 Celebration of Independence Day who have helped make our events safe and fun for everyone:

2023 Committee Volunteers

  • Chairman – Jeffrey Gankosky
  • Secretary – Cynthia Smithtro
  • Treasurer – Lisa Zocco

Car Show

  • Chad Thompson
  • Scott Swanson
  • Erica McKay

Craft Show

  • Amy Gankosky
  • Beth Bucher
  • LeeAnn Stubbs

Clean-Up Crew

  • Nikolas Gankosky  
  • Aaron Gankosky


  • Ron Freemer


  • Susan Freemer
  • Ron Freemer

Miss Brockway

  • Janice Bart

Fishing Contest

  • Mike Pendleton 
  • Jeff Wilcox
  • Mr. and Mrs. Carl Fremer
  • John Pendleton
  • Chuck Sabatose
  • Ben Donlin
  • Dillon Lindemuth 
  • Dan Buffone
  • Bill Sabatose Jr.
  • John Pendleton Jr.
  • Kendra Herrin
  • Tim McKay
  • Terri Pendleton
  • Tracey Wilcox
  • Levi Wilcox
  • Aiden Wilcox
  • Brynlee Wilcox

Patriotic Program

  • Melissa Hrinya
  • William Hrinya
  • Jordan Hrinya

Support Volunteers

  • Ellen Gankosky
  • Elizabeth Gankosky
  • Bernie Trunzo
  • Tom Trunzo
  • Jodi Landini
  • Nancy Duffalo

Tour de Brockway

  • Matt Oknefski


  • Ed Horner
  • Mike McAllister
  • Rebecca Horner
  • Amanda Horner
  • Maria Horner
  • Jen Martino
  • Alan Moore
  • Michele Steele

10k Race

  • Sam Perrin
  • Judy Perrin
  • Quinton Perrin
  • Noah Perrin
  • Ryan Devlin
  • Dr. James Devlin
  • Diane Devlin
  • Megan Bussard
  • Tom Bussard
  • Dana Rindosh
  • Beth McMeekin
  • Delaney McMeekin
  • Katie McMeekin
  • Layken McMeekin


  • Bridget Bingham
  • Amber Taylor
  • Susan Freemer
  • Lisa Zocco
  • Jeff Gankosky
  • Nick Hoffman
  • Various Other Committee Members

We apologize to the volunteers whose names were not listed at the time of printing.


The Brockway Old-Fashioned Fourth Committee is thankful to all of our volunteers, participants, patrons, sponsors, businesses, and organizations who helped produce one of the largest Fourth of July Celebrations with a non-carnival atmosphere in Western Pennsylvania.

Fireworks Public Display Safety Tips

Public safety during large-scale fireworks displays is usually the fire department’s responsibility. A trained pyrotechnic operator and crew conduct the actual firing of the display. These professionals know and comply with all local and state regulations.


We request all spectators to obey all monitors and ushers. We also ask that you respect the safety barriers set up to let the trained operator do his job safely. Please do not attempt to go near the actual firing site to ensure your safety. 


Although it rarely happens, it is possible a firework component may fall to the ground without exploding. We advise the public not to touch these fireworks and instead contact the local fire or police departments immediately.

Pets have very sensitive ears, so the booms and bangs from a fireworks display can be quite uncomfortable for them, particularly for dogs. As a matter of fact, the noise can actually hurt their ears. We advise you to leave your pets at home when you go to the fireworks show.


As you attend the public display, please leave the lighting of all fireworks to the trained operator. Fountains, sparklers, and other items that many states authorize for individuals’ use are not appropriate to use in the presence of a large crowd. So, leave your own fireworks at home; we assure you that you will not need them because our event’s display will be enough to provide plenty of excitement for you and your family.



For your safety, our 4th of July Committee and Brockway Borough request spectators not to sit on the trestle, dike, or in the immediate vicinity of the fireworks launch. Anyone in the restricted areas will be escorted off the premises.

Awards and Acknowledgements

Our Committee would like to thank the following organizations for helping us make our events possible for our beloved community.

  • Brockway Area Ambulance Service, Inc. 
  • Brockway Area School District
  • Brockway Ministerium
  • Borough of Brockway
  • Brockway Police Department
  • Brockway Recreation Board
  • Brockway Volunteer Hose Co.
  • Brockway Kaimanns
  • Advanced Disposal, 
  • St. Tobias R.C. Church
  • Ed and Leo Ferraro
  • Burnice Shepley Estate
  • Parkside Complex
Best Of Tri-County Award