Brockway Old Fashioned Fourth of July


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2022 Event Winners

Check back later to see our list of extraordinary winners for this year’s Independence Day Celebration.

Running Race Results

345 participants lined up to race at Brockway’s 4th of July Firecracker 10k/5k/1mile race

345 participants lined up to race at Brockway’s 4th of July

Firecracker 10k Overall Male Winners

1st Harley Thompson age 29 of St. Marys, PA
2nd Benjamin Hoffman age 20 of St. Marys, PA
3rd Stephen Dellaquila age 36 of St. Marys, PA

Firecracker 5k Overall Male Winners

1st Ethan Brentham age 21 of Brookville, PA
2nd Micah Williamson age 18 of Falls Creek, PA
3rd Wyatt Foster age 17 of St. Marys, PA

Firecracker 10k Overall Female Winners

1st Morgan Roemer age 16 of DuBois, PA
2nd Olivia Roberts age 19 of Punxsutawney, PA
3rd Alexis Stephens age 29 of Friendsville, MD

Firecracker 5k Overall Female Winners

1st Tea Geary age 17 of Herndon, VA
2nd Jenny Fiscus age 44 of Brookville, PA
3rd Emma Fiscus age 19 of Brookville, PA

1st Placer Male

1st place 5k male ages under 20 Ty Fiscus age 15 of Brookville, PA
2nd place 5k male ages under 20 Brandon Henry age 15 of St. Marys, PA

1st Placer Female

1st place 10k Female ages 30-39 Stephanie Strischock age 39 of Brockway, PA

2nd Place Male

2nd place 10k Male ages under 20 Landon Schmader age 18 of Brockport, PA

Brockway’s Firecracker Race is under the direction of Sam and Judy Perrin, Tom and Megan Bussard, and Ryan Devlin.

Tour de BROCKWAY Race Winners

Bike Winner - Male
TDB OVERALL CHAMPION, Curtis Smith of Treasure Lake, Dubois, PA. This was only Curtis’s second time competing in the TDB. A tribute to perseverance, Curtis did not medal in his first attempt in the TDB in 2019. Training and determination got Curtis to the top of the Podium as the 2022 TDB CHAMP!!!
Bike Winner - Female
Lisa Weiss, the TDB WOMEN’s OVERALL CHAMPION. This was a record breaking performance for this young lady from Meadville, PA with her 5th CHAMPIONSHIP!!! Another Super performance conquering the hills on this Race Route. Hats off to our only 5 Time TDB Champion!!!

Overall Male and Female Winners

Youngest Winner
Melaya Weisner was our youngest competitor (age 12) in the 2022 TDB and ended up spinning away with a 1st Place Medallion in our Open Division. She had a great time in our Race while riding on a Mountain Bike and after competing in the earlier morning Star Spangled Running Race. A super effort in the DUAL EVENTS for this young lady who hails from the state of TN.
TDB Winners
The TEAM TROPHY in the 2022 TDB was won by a group of riders from the Altoona area. They rode under a sponsorship by Spokes N Skis of Altoona, PA. They were led by Team Captain, Mark Stouffer of Tyrone, PA. A complete domination in the Team Category with the riders taking 2nd, 4th, 5th, & 12th Places in the overall G.C. Standings. The Team members were; Rob Crossman, Michael Kos, Samuel Mills, and Mark Stouffer. Congratulations to the Elite Team from ‘Toona’ Town!
Lisa Weiss and Jim Doan

The TDB’s Women’s Champion,
Lisa Weiss, and the 3rd Place G.C. Bronze Medalist,
Jim Doan, were pushing the pedals to a super finish in the TDB Cycling Event

Curtis Smith

TDB lead racer, Curtis Smith, spinning towards the 2022 Overall Championship. Congratulations to Curtis for conquering all 7 hill climbs and averaging 23 MPH over the 21 1/2 mile race route.

Kaimanns Kid's Bike Winners

  • Owen Wagner – Small Boy’s Bike
  • Addison Potts – Small Girl’s Bike
  • Noah Cassatt – Big Boy’s Bike
  • Sierra Sell – Big Girl’s Bike

Fishing Contest Winners

6 & Under - Catfish:

  • Lenny Schurr 3rd
  • Aspen Morris 2nd
  • Addison Potts 1st

6 & Under - Non Catfish:

  • William Mitchell 3rd
  • Chase Slaughnhaupt 2nd
  • Connor Brzozowski 1st

7 - 11 - Catfish:

  • Maura Kosko 3rd
  • Jackson Alger 2nd
  • Daniel Britton 1st

7 - 11 - Non Catfish:

  • Easton Lindemuth 3rd
  • Aubrgmia Spurlock 2nd
  • Owen Graff 1st

12 & Over - Catfish:

  • Branden Wolfe 3rd
  • David Antolik 2nd
  • Sierra Sell 1st

12 & Over - Non Catfish:

  • Abigail Rhed 3rd
  • Abigail Zapalac 2nd
  • Aiden Wilcox 1st