Brockway Old Fashioned Fourth of July

Bicycle Race

                            2023 events, dates, times, and 

                           locations to be announced soon. 

TDB National Anthem Singer

TDB National Anthem Singer

(Photo by Andrew Bundy, Courier Express)

TDB National Anthem Singer, Jordan Faith of BROCKWAY, PA. Jordan has done another super rendition of the National Anthem prior to the start of the 2022 Tour de BROCKWAY Bicycle Race. We Thank Jordan for donating her time & singing talent to the 4th of July Bicycle Race.

TDB Billboard

The Dubois Area YMCA promoted the 2022 Bike Race in honor of their 20th year as a sponsor and Terry Maher as the Race Director.

TDB Tshirt

XtremeWear’s Race T-shirt 2022 design. Race director, Terry Maher’s personal favorite!

Dueling Riders

Tony Linnan (L) of Clarion, PA, spinning quickly on the attack of Justin Marchiori (R) of Penfield, PA, at the 219 S intersection with Rattlesnake Road. The two riders were dueling at upwards of 30 plus mph at this point of the Race.

Leaders of TDB Peleton

The Leaders of the TDB Peloton cross the railroad tracks behind the lead pace car driven by Brockway Police Chief Troy Bell. The Race set a new weekday record with 94 Racers signed up for the Monday 4th of July Cycling Event.

Rich Esposito

Rich Esposito of Brockway, PA, has his eyes fixated on the lead pack of riders in the 4th Bicycle Race. He had another good finish in the overall 2022 TDB G.C. standings.

Bicycle Race—Tour de Brockway Race

Join our popular bicycle race in Brockway, PA. The Tour de Brockway Race will have an awards ceremony where the winners will receive a prize. We will select a name from all of the pre-registered participants for the gift, which is to be pre-determined before race day. You must be present for the drawing of the names.

*Due to safety and insurance issues, all future bike races on the 4th of July will have a participant cap. The 2022 race will have a 150 cap. To reserve a spot in one of the country’s greatest 4th of July bike races, please fill out our pre-registration form, and mail it, along with the fee, to:


Terry Maher

1473 Rattlesnake Road

Brockport, PA 15823


We thank you for assisting the TdB Race Committee by registering in advance for our cycling event. Should you have any questions, please contact:


Terry Maher

Bicycle Race Director 

(814) 265-0737


Take care and have fun spinning around the historic town of Brockway, PA, with your loved ones!

Details about the Race

  • No motorized e-bikes will be allowed in the race; riders can only use 2-wheel bicycles. 
  • We’ll have an exciting race route and a new race t-shirt. 
  • This year’s 41st annual race is a 21.5-mile circular route through Brockway and the adjoining back roads of Snyder, Horton, and Washington Townships.
  • The Tour de Brockway will have a highly visible racecourse that highlights a Peloton Parade through historic Downtown Brockway! 
  • The race features seven hill climbs along with miles of flat and rolling terrain. 
  • All pre-registered riders are guaranteed to receive the newest designed patriotic race t-shirt. 
  • We will allow you to show your colors and have fun spinning The Firecracker Race! 
  • The awards ceremony and free refreshments will follow the race. 
  • Please remember that the Grand Tours of Europe will begin here.

*Note: The Peloton Formation is from Brockway High School until Sheetz on Main Street. We request that you follow the police cruiser to Sheetz, without racing, where the separation occurs. The following organizations will provide valuable assistance to make this race as safe as possible:

  • Brockway Police Departments 
  • Brockway Fire Police
  • Horton Township and Falls Creek Fire Police
  • Brockway EMTs

We would also like to say our special thank you to all who volunteered their time and effort to make the Tour de Brockway one of Pennsylvania’s premier road races!

Previous Race Winners

  • Men’s 2019 TdB Champ: Mark Stouffer of Altoona, PA 
  • Women’s 2019 TdB Champ: Lisa Weiss of Meadville, PA

Are you ready for the happiest celebration of Independence Day in Brockway? Participate in our activities; we would love to have you. Learn about Brockway Fourth events leading up to Independence Day here.